Hans Fallada

During the last time I read Hans Fallada’s book “Kleiner Mann was nun?” [engl. Little Man, what now?] and painted his portrait on the former hospital in the Blankenburger Straße 19 in Berlin Neuenschönhausen, where he passed away on 5th February 1947.

The canvas is 60x80cm with a two layer stencil, spraypaint and pages from a book in canvas.
In the background pages of Fallada’s book “Der ungeliebte Mann” in a version from 1941.

The canvas was donated to Christel, who is the owner of the Landesirrenanstalt [the former madhouse] Domjüch near Neustrelitz, where this year’s Artbase – Urban Art Festival will take place.

But one of my paintings of this great German author is still missing.

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