Memorial for the deportation of Jews

I am still overwhelmed by the last week.
I drove to Düsseldorf on Tuesday and painted one of my largest stencil works ever at the 40Grad Urbanart Festival.

The site of the festival is located nearby the memorial for the deportation of Jews in Düsseldorf during the Nazi regime. More than 6,000 Jews were deported from this place (where the former freight depot was located) to the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Theresienstadt or Litzmannstadt between 1941 to 1944.

This was actually a perfect ground for me to create this stencil about the deportation of Jews. It shows Hungarian Jews in Auschwitz after women, children and men were separated.

During the Nazi regime in Germany, the Jews had to wear yellow stars on their clothes to be marked as Jews. I painted these stars in orange to create a link to the sea-bridge, that rescues refugees in the Meditarranean Sea today.

My deepest thanks go to the 40Grad Urbanart Festival for having me and giving all of us a great time. It was a blast!!!


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